R.I.T.E.S. #01-2012


Rooted In The Ephemeral Speak


Daniela Beltrani (Singapore / UK)

Kurt Johannessen (Norway)

Sinead O'Donnell (Ireland)

7.30pm, Saturday, 28 January 2012

Gallery, Block B, Goodman Arts Centre
90 Goodman Road Singapore 439053

This is a free event, donations are welcomed.

More info - www.rootedintheephemeralspeak.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/rootedintheephemeralspeak

Artists biography:

Daniela Beltrani

Classically educated in Italy, a doctor in Law and a docent for the Singapore Art Museum, Daniela gained a Master of Arts in Contemporary Asian Art Histories in 2011 from LaSalle College of the Arts, Singapore.

Since 2010 Daniela has curated solo and group exhibitions and written articles for art publications.

In June 2011 she set up a performance art platform, named SPAM.

Her interest in performance art both as spectator and performer allows her to explore the human condition and different levels of communication.


Photo by: Georg Anderhub

Kurt Johannessen

Born 1960 in Norway, Johannessen works within performance artist's books video and installations since the early eighties. His work is minimalist and poetic, and at times with a touch of humour. He is his own publisher and has produced more than 50 books, many of them translated into English. The books vary from just one sentence to short stories or just pictures. He has created more than 150 different performances and has presented his work extensively in Europe, and in some countries in Asia and America. In 2007 he had a larger exhibition, presenting installation video and performances in Bergen Art Museum. Part of the exhibition was retrospective.



Sinead O'Donnell

Originally from Dublin and based in Belfast since 1995, Sinéad graduated from the University of Ulster in 1999 and received a fellowship from AHRB to take a Masters programme at Dartington College of Arts from 2003-04 where she graduated with distinction. She studied sculpture in Ulster, textiles in Dublin and visual performance and time-based practices in England. Her work has been presented in Asia, Canada, Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East, North and South America and supported by Arts Council Northern Ireland, Socrates Erasmus, the Arts & Humanities Research Council and the British Council.

Sinéad’s performance practice is nomadic and travel has broadened her cultural perceptions and influenced her artistic sensibilities regarding time and space. She is also highly active on the Belfast performance art scene working with local organisations to foster performance art activity and supporting emerging artists in her community.