R.I.T.E.S. #01-2013



Chua Chin Chin (SG)
Natasha Wei (SG)
Willis Turner Henry (ID)

Date & Time: 23rd February 2013 (Saturday), 7:30pm
Venue: Goodman Arts Centre, 90 Goodman Road, Blk B #01-08, Singapore 439053

Entry by donation.

More info – www.rootedintheephemeralspeak.com
Facebook – www.facebook.com/rootedintheephemeralspeak

Artists biographies:

Chua Chin Chin

Chin is a Fine Arts (Painting) Diploma graduate from LaSalle-SIA College of the Arts. She is currently a practicing artist and curator in Singapore. Upon graduation she has since been active in the local art scene, performing at numerous festivals including Fetter Field no.1 & no.3, Substations’ SEPT FEST, Night Festival 2010 and R.I.T.E.S (Rooted in the Ephemeral Speak) 2010. International works includes Maju Jaya in Yogyakarta, NIPAF, Japan performance art festival 2008 and Performance in Frames in Bangkok 2010. Also, exhibited visual art works at LaSalle SIA College’s Praxis space and the Esplanade Tunnel. Her curatorial project includes; NOTEBOOK VOL:1 BEGIN, a note book making project involving 9 artists presented at the Substation gallery.

In 2011, She has curated and published an art journal, Almost everything. Almost everything is an art book compiling a collection of works from artists and individuals from the creative scene in Singapore; it was published to commemorate Front Row, the fashion boutiques’ 5th year anniversary. In July, chin. hosted her inaugural solo show at the Substation gallery, titled “ Faces, hands, feet and little things”. The show includes her oil painting works, objects, multimedia and charcoal drawings. She is also a recipient of the Georgette-Chen Arts Scholarship presented by the Singapore National Arts Council.


Natasha Wei

Natasha Wei is drawn to performance art for its “inexplicable beauty”, and its ability to delve into the questions of the human condition and reach audiences at a more intimate level. Her performances often address the human condition of beliefs and customs. Having traveled to places to perform and observe performance festivals and with her active contribution to the local at scene, she is convicted in playing the role to create art that penetrates the heart of the community, engage the public in her art-making and merge the visual language of her own practice in her art teaching career.

Willis Turner Henry

Willis is a visual artist while working full-time as a lighting designer. Her practices include photography, performance art and mix media. She researches the notion of intermediate condition which includes the issues of identity, sense of belonging and lifestyle/ cultural differences.

She materializes her ideas with strong emphasis on visceral elements and emotional experiences through metaphorical scenario. Her works always embark from her personal experiences, which also aim for a visual language to both universal and personal interpretation.

Performance art is her latest medium in her artistic practice. She discovered it coincidentally during her intensive study with photography. Since then she has been actively experimenting with it that has aided her process in making visual works.

Willis has participated some festivals, such as 3rd Singapore International Photography Festival in Singapore and other selected exhibitions include Seoul, London, Jogjakarta, China and Philippines. She also has received some distinguished awards such as Clifton Art Prize and ASEAN-Korea Multimedia Award.