R.I.T.E.S #3

Rooted In The Ephemeral Speak (R.I.T.E.S) Presents
Angie Seah, Aya Sekine, Lim Shengen, Teow Yue Han

Wednesday 24 March, 7.30pm
The Substation Theatre
Admission: FREE!
Curated by Lee Wen and Urich Lau. Supported by The Substation.

1. “Photocopy Masterpieces, Video mirror”
by Lim Shengen & Teow Yue Han

Curated by Urich Lau

Two artists who work with video, technology and performance, use strategies that incorporates notions of time, space, interaction, making a relationship with the physical exterior, the psychological internal and visual imagery. The artists courageously test their ideas to demonstrate elements of intent and accident in the momentous and the fleeting with electronics, gadgets and time-based media.

2. “Butterflies in my stomach; bees around my head”
by Angie Seah & Aya Sekine

Curated by Lee Wen

Working together for the first time, multi-disciplinary artist, Angie Seah (below left) will collaborate with eclectic, experimental jazz pianist, Aya Sekine (above left) that will definitely ignite an electrifying, surprising action based sound work yet unheard and unseen.
Angie and Aya explore sounds literally created by organs of the body. The heart, stomach, intestine, the organs inside our body throbs with pulsations and resonances that are used in combination with Angie’s voice-works and Aya Sekine’s piano-tapping and percussion of everyday objects, to make an ensemble of musical rhythms and melodies.

A participatory and open-ended process is set in motion by combining imagery, actions and sounds from the existing reality into poetry. Angie and Aya are determined to create an intimate and personal musical piece with unusual investigation of the physical body that will strike your imagination and curiosity.
“What is within us?” “What is surrounding us?” Don’t you ever wonder at our internal bodies and the outside world as a continuum of an extraordinary audio experience?


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