"CAUTION" Performance art workshop by Sinéad O'Donnell (Ireland)

Date: 26th and 27th January 2012
Time: 11am to 5pm daily (See below for more details)

For registration or enquiries, please contact Jason: leejiasheng@yahoo.com

CAUTION (Words and Boundaries) is a two days intensive performance art workshop for artists who are already working in live contexts and those who are interested in developing their work within a live framework. Participants will explore and investigate language and writing as practice- and body-based work and examine questions of boundaries. The maximum number of participants will be limited to 10 persons. Participation of both workshops will be free of charge but donations are welcomed and it will go towards the fee for the artist conducting the workshop. At the end of both workshop sessions, participants are expected to present a short 10 minutes performance each.

Wider Context

CAUTION is a two year Unlimited commission led by Sinéad O'Donnell. Unlimited is a project celebrating disability, arts, culture and sport on an unprecedented scale as part of the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad.

CAUTION brings together six visual and performance artists from around the world to collaborate directly and remotely through a series of meetings, residencies, actions and correspondences taking place across continents. The project explores notions of identity, similarity and difference through journeys, actions and performance in real-time and online, culminating in an exhibition at Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast as part of the London 2012 Festival from 24th August to 29th September 2012.

The CAUTION performance art workshop has developed out of Sinéad's experience of artistic journey and making work with participating artists Mariel Carranza (Peru), Paul Couillard (Toronto), Sylvette Babin (Montreal), Poshya Kakl (Iraq) and Shiro Masuyama (Japan). The discourse and format of the workshops have been devised to amplify the issues that have come up within these artist-to-artist exchanges.

The CAUTION workshops will take place at R.I.T.E.S performance art event in Singapore (January), School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (February) and Univeristy of Ulster Belfast, Northern Ireland (March) in the run-up to the CAUTION exhibition at Golden Thread Gallery in August/September 2012. Material developed in the workshops will form part of the CAUTION process.
It is anticipated that workshop participants will continue to engage with CAUTION and the six participating artists after the workshops and that they will have some input to events and discussions around the exhibition at Golden Thread Gallery through internet interface.

The workshops will play an integral part in how the show manifests itself for the duration of six weeks, claiming as much artistic territory as possible for performances artists to engage globally.

Workshop Program

"Words", Day 1, Session 1,

11am - 1pm: The artist will introduce CAUTION project. Participants are expected to introduce themselves through a Pecha Kucha presentation ( a presentation methodology whereby 20 images will be shown for 20 seconds each). Participants must have the image documents sent in a zip file to R.I.T.E.S by 10th January 2012.
1pm - 2pm: Lunch Break

"Words", Day 1, Session 2,

2pm – 5pm: Sinéad O'Donnell introduces her art practice and, in particular, her devising of work based on identifying as a disabled artist.

Participants are then invited to make a performance task based on language/writing.

The task will be to write about a performance idea that one had never made before. The artist is open to the fact that one may or may not use regular words to think thoughts out for performance art so sound and instruments can be used if people want to bring them along. The participants will be contacted by the artist closer to the time regarding the details of their proposed materials for the workshop.

"Boundaries" Day 2, Session 1
11am - 11.30am: Warm up exercise.
11.30 – 1.30pm: Participants will work in pairs (duos) with a task to use a piece of glass between them (65 cm x 75cm glass with a thickness of 3 or 5mm). The only request is not to break the glass.
1.30pm – 2.30pm: Lunch Break
"Boundaries" Day 2, Session 2
2.30 – 5pm: A Tango instructor will give the group basic lessons in Tango dance. This is because working with the glass and using the upper torso of the body to balance is very like the basic principles of Tango.

[For more information of CAUTION project; please see the artist's website, http://www.sineadodonnell.com/caution/project]