by Marta Moreno Muñoz - The Unifiedfield

Date: 3rd May 2013 – 2pm to 6pm / 4th May 2013 – 10am to 6pm
(Participants must be able to attend both days)
Venue: TBA
Fee: Suggested donation of $50 per participants
Number of participants: 5 to 15

For registration or enquiries, please email to or call 91503592.


We understand artistic practice as a vehicle that can transform life, our relation with ourselves, society, and the natural world by experimenting with our subjectivities, expanding the consciousness and therefore creating new existential scenarios. In performance art practice sometimes all the stored energies are released, thus facilitating the opening to new states of consciousness. Performance can play this role of de-conditioning us of our habitual mental processes allowing both the artist and the audience to discard learned models of perception and giving way to a number of new phenomena that otherwise can hardly be grasped with the rational conceptual structures.


Taking on a process rather than goal oriented approach, in the proposed workshop we will focus through different activities in the development of intuition and introspection as fundamental elements of performance art. Concentrating more on the practical side of the subject, the aim of this workshop is not only the realization of a time-based art work as it could be a live performance, happening, video-action or sound intervention but also the playful experimentation as part of the process of creation.

Session 1:

* Introductions.

* Refection on the main elements and notions of action art: time, space, presence, concept, process, context, non-representation and participation.

* Reading of the diverse and open definitions given by artists working in action and performance art followed by a discussion of what experiences or knowledge the students previously had with the subject.

* Here and Now: In this exercise students are invited to cross the room as slowly as possible, being fully aware of their bodies in space and their relation to it.

* Activities to increase awareness towards the sonic subtleties in the environment: with eyes closed, students will be asked to try to breathe as slowly as possible and focus on the propagation of incidental sounds in the space.

  • Break.

  • * Outdoors activity based on the game of the mystical trees of Yogyakarta:

- ask yourself a fundamental question in regards your present creative process/ the current moment you are living.

- following your inner compass, develop a special technic to locate 2 particular spots on the ground.

- with your eyes closed try to walk in a straight line in between those 2 spots while focusing on your fundamental question.

  • Group discussion about the processes generated during this first session.

Session 2:

* For this second session of the course, we will develop the creative workshop. Marta will have individual tutorial talks with each of the participants who will experiment with concepts such as:

- Playful exploration of the body and interaction with the others and the context. - Everyday life as art. - The object: unusual uses. - Extra-daily actions: exploring new meanings in the ordinary.

  • Break

  • For the last hour of this session we will wander in the public space (i.e. in a commercial central area such as Orchard Rd) as in a day-dream like state, observing reality from another perspective and interacting with the given context in an extraordinary way as if nothing was as solid as we usually perceive things.

Session 03: Action!

* Public presentation of the actions, performances, interventions, ideas, processes and documentation generated during the workshop.

* Collective discussion about the workshop.


About the artist:

Marta Moreno Muñoz (b.1978, Spain) is a performance and video artist with a background in experimental theatre and other time-based arts. Graduating in 2002 with a M.A in Fine Arts, her work has focused predominantly on “feminine” subjectivity, dissolution of the ego and the notion of pre-oedipal nostalgia in response to a patriarchal and undesirable reality. She is at present in a transitional stage, shifting towards the conceptualization of larger-scale projects exploring the complex interchange between performance art and cinematic language.

Currently nomadic, she is working on personal artistic projects, researching for her PhD Thesis “Art as an Experience of Dissolution of the Self” and co-directing the experimental art space The Unifiedfield with Marc Chia; Marta Moreno has lived, produced and engaged in artistic works in Spain, UK, Turkey, India, The Netherlands, Indonesia and exhibited in various countries.