Rooted In The Ephemeral Speak presents:

R.I.T.E.S. #04-2013

Arif Ayab [a.k.a Reef] (SG)

Mohamad Riduan (SG)

Shaun Sankaran (SG)

Wilem Christiawan (ID)

Date & Time: 20th June 2013 (Thursday), 7:30pm

Venue: The Substation Theatre, 45 Armenian Street, Singapore 179936

Entry: by donation

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R.I.T.E.S. is an artists-initiative organised as a non-profit event to platform new ideas and artists in sonic art, time-based and performance art-related practices. Its objectives are to present an eclectic mix of performances that is informed by visual aesthetics, technological integration and conceptual integrity involving art making and the social and cultural contexts that are related to performances. It explores art activities that are spatial, the way in which performance is linked to cultural, ethnic and geographical elements of the body, and at the same time exploring how all these elements can be bounded to the global, technological, cultural and economic shifts in our daily life.

Artists' biography:

Arif Ayab (Reef)

Arif Ayab (Reef) is a Singaporean Malay artist of who has been active in both the local and regional arts scenes for the past decade. He graduated from the University of Bradford (MDIS) with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business and Management and holds a Diploma in Mass Communication from the University of Oklahoma (MDIS). His immersion in the arts scene spans a range of genres, media, and causes. Reef is now the Programme Manager for The Artists Village’s Pulau Ubin Residency Program funded by the National Arts Council. Reef is a present member of The Artist Village.

Title: Death of a Guitar God

Death of a Guitar God will be Reef's final performance for his "Guitar God" series. Reef will tribute his last "Guitar God" performance to the wasted souls that was lost in the dangerous road of rock & roll.


Mohamad Riduan

Mohamad Riduan has presented in The Esplanade, Furor Space, The Substation, World Event Young Artist in Nottingham, England and ICA Gallery, LASALLE College Of The Arts.

He build sound structures/ contraptions and material tinkering for sound with the interest that revolve around acoustic exploration. His work are within sculpture and performance that involve audience interaction, improvisation and time based.

Riduan is also a member of a collective group called OFFCUFF, a multi-disciplinary performance collective focusing on structured improvisation incorporating dual visual projections and dual sound components.

Title: marah adalah secebis api yang dinyalakan dalam hati

Tidakkah engkau melihat kepada kedua-dua matanya yang merah dan urat-urat lehernya yang mengelembung? Maka apabila salah seorang daripada kamu berasakan sesuatu dari yang demikian, maka rapatkan diri kamu ke muka bumi

(did not you see redness in the eyes and puffed up neck veins? Then if any of you feel that way, you shall make yourself close to the ground.)

A sound exploration that revolve around the verse above to find the closes relation to its meaning.


Shaun Sankaran

Shaun Sankaran (b. 1983, Singapore) has presented his brand of experimental sounds across the globe under his various incarnations with several album releases, and collaborations under his belt, having graduated from Middlesex University with a B.A. in Recording Arts. While mostly based in Singapore, he has also performed internationally at the Guggenheim Museum (Bilbao), Europe (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom) as well as neighbouring Asian countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines and Indonesia.

Title: Shrouding In Darkness

A performative work in progress that includes the exploration of using drones, feedback with moments of silence and darkness.

Requires one to slow yourself down and just listen!


Wilem Christiawan

(Photo by Achmad Sopandi)

Wilem Christiawan lives and works in Bandung, Indonesia. He completed his post-graduate studies in Indonesian Literature at the University of Indonesia, Jakarta in 2002. He graduated from the theatre department at the Indonesia Art Institute, Yogyakarta in 1991. Since then, he has been a lecturer for theatre studies at Indonesian Art College, Bandung. He is also the Artistic Director of Asbestos Art Space founded in 2002. He has participated in various performance art festivals, which includes Undisclosed Territory, Solo, Indonesia (2010), The Art of Encountering, Hilsende, Germany – Basel, Switzerland (2009), 1st South East Asia Performance Art Symposium (2005), 6th Asiatopia International Festival Bangkok, Thailand (2005), Performance Studies International #10, Singapore (2004), 5th Asiatopia International Performance Art Festival, Bangkok, Thailand (2003).

Title: Ghost In The Cellular

Action Poetry can be viewed as one of contemporary arts belonging to non representational genre. It does not only come up from subjective consciousness as ideological response towards socio cultural political and identity problems but also a manifest of the artists self exteriorization. Action Poetry is unusual activity made from usual world. It can be read as multi interpretable text. Thereby, it takes the risk of become something or nothing at all.

For this RITES event, Wilem Christiawan would like to present the contexts of his work “Ghost In The Cellular”.

- Human not to be slave of technology but must drive the technology.